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What we do

Our company manages the movement of goods and services between destinations mostly west African ports, combining different transportation models and types.

We work on reducing their time to market, improving customer service, and mitigating risk, we also work in partnership with our clients to integrate logistics functions in their end-to-end supply chain.

With a local market presence, have a deep understanding of our client's businesses and the industries they operate in.
Expertly manage the movement of goods on behalf of clients between specified sources and destinations
Skillfully navigate different transportation modes (air and ocean) and utilize a range of transportation types.
Our customized information technology provides real-time visibility and transparency along the entire value chain.
Our contract logistics and distribution networks in major geographies allow for full, seamless integration (end-to-end services).
We offer strictly CIF.
Offers logistics across West African countries and even beyond.
Reduces time to market, improves customer service, and mitigates risk


Offers logistics across Europe and UK (Air and Ocean).
Partners with clients to integrate logistics functions into their end-to-end supply chain.